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Maybe Big Tech Isn’t Dead

August 9, 2006  ·  Category: Stocks
Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO) today reported 4th quarter and fiscal year 2006 results that were positively received by Wall Street.  The shares jumped $2.49 to $19.78, a more than 14% increase, as 221.6 million shares, ...
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Beware of Broker Conflict of Interests

August 8, 2006  ·  Category: The Investment Advice Business
Forbes recently ran an article worth reading: "Ten Ways Brokers Pick Pockets": Arbitration is how disgruntled investors usually have to bring their complaints against brokers.  In 2005, 6,074 cases were filed, the majority of which dealt ...
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Congress Makes Permanent Attractive Features of 529 College Savings Plans

August 8, 2006  ·  Category: College Investing
The Wall Street Journal ran a significant article today, "A New Lease on Life for 529 Plans" (subscription required), for those of you trying to save for college.  Congress has made permanent many of the features that make 529 ...
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Whole Foods Hammered Today (Tue Aug 1) – Down Almost 12% on Heavy Volume

August 1, 2006  ·  Category: Stocks
Whole Foods (NASDAQ: WFMI) was down $6.76, or 11.75%, today on extremely heavy volume - 16 million of the 140.712 million outstanding shares amounting to 11.4% of the company changed hands today.  That knocked another ...
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