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Sell Off in Chinese Stocks Sends World Stock Markets Reeling

February 27, 2007  ·  Category: China, Market Commentary
Today was one of those days that causes people to sell all their stocks and swear off the stock market forever.  It was the worst day for the market since the re-opening after the Sept 11, ...
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Stocks Trade Down on Inflation Worries

February 22, 2007  ·  Category: Inflation, Market Commentary
Before the open of the market yesterday (Wednesday) The Labor Department announced (subscription required) that core inflation ("core" excludes food and energy) increased .256% from December to January.  Core prices were 2.7% higher compared with ...
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A Breakdown of Today’s Trading in Nasdaq 100 Trust (QQQQ) Options

February 14, 2007  ·  Category: Options, Sentiment Analysis
                          Puts            Calls          Put/Call Ratio February           117,646       134,162            .88 March               236,974       160,127           1.48 April                   43,401          9,966            4.35 Source: Scottrade, as of approx. 3:00pm EST What this tells us, I think, is that there are still alot of bears out there.  Even though options buyers are bullish ...
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All Clear Ahead – Bernanke Gives the Market a Green Light

February 14, 2007  ·  Category: Market Commentary, Options
In his semiannual testimony before Congress which began this morning (Wed) at 10am EST Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said that he is comfortable with current interest rate levels and that the factors contributing to inflationary ...
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Time Well Spent – A Couple Hours with The Wall Street Journal

A starting point for becoming knowledgeable about business and finance is simply to read The Wall Street Journal everyday.  If you just do that, you'll find your knowledge and understanding growing all the time and ...
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