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Google Poised to Breakthrough $500

April 19, 2007  ·  Category: Stocks
After today's excellent earning's report, Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) finally looks poised to breakthrough $500 and settle above that level.  Google has flirted with $500, closing above it 3 times around last Thanksgiving and twice this ...
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Former UC San Diego Philosophy Major and Top Gun Pal Vishesh Kumar’s Yahoo! Article Headlines Website

April 17, 2007  ·  Category: Stocks, Top Gun Financial Planning
Back in the day at UC San Diego, Vishesh Kumar and I would argue philosophy.  We met in a class on Phenomenology (Husserl, Heidegger, etc...).  He was a fan of Nietzsche and Schopenhauer and an opponent ...
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Never Mind That Correction – Market Powers Higher Despite Growing Concerns

April 16, 2007  ·  Category: Market Commentary
The S&P 500 closed today up 15 to 1468, marking a 6 1/2 year high.  That's 8 points higher than the most recent high close of 1460 on Tuesday February 20 - the week before the huge sell-off ...
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Jones Soda – Cramer and the Making of the Moment’s Hot Stock

April 16, 2007  ·  Category: Stocks
One of today's best performers was a stock by the name of Jones Soda (NSDQ: JSDA) - up $3.32 or 11.76% to $31.54 on huge volume.  It's just the latest of many off the chart ...
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Back To Reality – Earnings Season Kicks Off

April 9, 2007  ·  Category: Market Commentary
Writing in today's Wall Street Journal E.S. Browning said (subscription required): Whether, and how, the [forthcoming 1st quarter] profit news surprises investors is likely to be the main determinant of the market's direction in the next few ...
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