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Michael Kahn: Technicals Suggest The Bulk Of The Bear Is Behind Us

March 19, 2009  ·  Category: Market Commentary, Technical Analysis
Michael Kahn, Barron's technician, summed up the technicals this way in Wednesday's column: I think the real message lies somewhere in the middle with the bearish trend ending and a sideways range beginning..... This is hardly a ...
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Dollar Selloff Is Risk To Stock Market

The dollar continues to tank and commodities continue to rally in the wake of yesteday's Fed announcement: The euro is up another 2 cents versus the dollar to $1.37 - after rallying 4 cents yesterday after ...
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Margin Squeeze at Federal Express

March 19, 2009  ·  Category: Macro Economics, Market Commentary, Stocks
Federal Express (FDX) this morning announced fiscal year 3rd quarter earnings and what really stood out for me was a massive margin squeeze.  Despite a 44% drop in fuel expenses from $980 million to $551 million ...
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The Fed Must Be Crazy

March 18, 2009  ·  Category: Federal Reserve, Market Commentary
To provide greater support to mortgage lending and housing markets, the Committee decided today to increase the size of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet further by purchasing up to an additional $750 billion of agency ...
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Is Spending Or Saving The Answer?

March 17, 2009  ·  Category: Macro Economics
The rush to hoard cash and pinch pennies is understandable, given that some $13 trillion in net worth evaporated between mid-2007 and the end of 2008.  But while it makes complete microeconomic sense for families ...
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Looking Under The Hood Of The AIG Bailout

March 16, 2009  ·  Category: Market Commentary, Politics, Stocks
Yesterday, amidst massive political and public opinion pressure, AIG revealed the counterparties they had paid out money to since receiving bailout money from the US government (AIG Press Release). The payouts are as follows: $22.4 billion for ...
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How Representative Maxine Waters Used Her Influence To Secure TARP Money For A Local Bank

March 13, 2009  ·  Category: Politics
The New York times ran an enlightening front page story this morning ("Congresswoman, Tied to Bank, Helped Seek Funds") about how Representative Maxine Waters used her position to set up meetings with Treasury officials for a ...
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The Fallacy In Greenspan’s Self Defense

Mr. Greenspan ought to have used the pages of the Journal to apologize to the nation.  Instead, his piece will stand as a testament to his hubris, or perhaps his delusions. - Ian Shepherdson, Chief US ...
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No Belief In This Rally

March 11, 2009  ·  Category: Market Commentary, Sentiment Analysis
Everyone knows today was a countertrend rally.  Just a bear market rally.  Everyone knows we're going to revisit these lows.  Everyone knows we're going lower..... From CNBC to news websites and blogs, the consensus is that today ...
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A Dividend Investor’s Paradise!

March 10, 2009  ·  Category: Income Investing, Retirement Investing, Stocks
Three or four years ago I remember having many conversations with my Mom about how tough it was to invest for income.  The only place you could get any yield was the bond market but ...
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