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Mauldin: The Market Doesn’t “Know” Anything

I walked into the office yesterday evening and there was someone on CNBC talking about how the 50-day moving average of the S&P 500 rising above the 200-day moving average was telling us the market ...
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Greenspan: Inflation – the real threat to recovery

June 30, 2009  ·  Category: Federal Reserve, Inflation
But I see inflation as the greater future challenge.  If political pressures prevent central banks from reining in their inflated balance sheets in a timely manner, statistical analysis suggests the emergence of inflation by 2012; ...
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Cooper Union Endowment Dodges Stock Market Crash, Criticizes The “Yale Model”

June 30, 2009  ·  Category: Business and Investment Philosophy
The Yale model is probably "true over time.  But in calendar '08, it's exactly wrong.  The less liquid you are, the more you're getting hurt. - Swensen protege David Salem Cooper Union's endowment is going to be ...
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Hertz CEO Is Really Bullish

June 25, 2009  ·  Category: Market Commentary, Stocks
We've seen continuous improvement every single week for the last 10 weeks in the US rent a car space on improving demand for the summer season. We've been buying a lot of cars the last 8 ...
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Republican Superstar Governor Sanford Admits Affair

June 24, 2009  ·  Category: Culture and Current Events, Politics
After a mysterious five day disappearance, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford admitted to having an affair with a woman in Argentina. This is a huge disappointment to Republicans who rallied behind Sanford after he asked the Obama ...
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Doug Casey: Go Short Interest Rates

June 24, 2009  ·  Category: Inflation, Interest Rates
People who short interest rates - in other words, people who bet they are going much higher in the coming years - are going to make a fortune.  I think interest rates will go back ...
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Deflation No Longer A Concern But Mostly The Same In Fed Statement

June 24, 2009  ·  Category: Federal Reserve, Market Commentary
In light of increasing economic slack here and abroad, the Committee expects that inflation will remain subdued. Moreover, the Committee sees some risk that inflation could persist for a time below rates that best foster ...
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Here Is The Test For The Bulls

June 23, 2009  ·  Category: Market Commentary, Technical Analysis
Yesterday's 200 point decline in the Dow was accompanied by some of the heaviest volume we have seen in a while. On top of that, Monday's trading qualified as yet another 90 percent downside day, where ...
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Cash For Clunkers: More Bad Economics From Washington

June 23, 2009  ·  Category: Economics, Politics
The program will provide a much needed boost to the automobile industry. - Senator Carl Levin (D-Mich) The art of economics consists in looking not merely at the immediate but at the longer effects of any act ...
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WSJ: How Lennar Survived

June 23, 2009  ·  Category: Real Estate, Stocks
By selling land at huge discounts to what it was once valued, big builders generated large losses for tax purposes.  By applying those losses against profits during prior years, they have collected about $2.55 billion ...
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