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NYT: State Debt Woes Grow Too Big to Camouflage

March 30, 2010  ·  Category: Bonds, California, Government, Macro Economics
California, New York and other states are showing many of the same signs of debt overload that recently took Greece to the brink — budgets that will not balance, accounting that masks debt, the use ...
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NYT: Spurt Of Home Buying As End Of Tax Credit Looms

March 30, 2010  ·  Category: Macro Economics, Real Estate
Real estate agents say buyers and sellers are hurrying to take advantage of the tax credit, which is worth up to $8,000 for home buyers.  But the last-minute rush is also prompting some foreboding about ...
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Today’s Big Story: Apple To Make iPhone For Verizon

March 30, 2010  ·  Category: Market Commentary, Stocks
The most interesting stock market story today is a report from The Wall Street Journal that Apple is making an iPhone for Verizon (VZ): "New iPhone Could End AT&T's U.S. Monopoly", The Wall Street Journal, March ...
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Rising Rates – 10 Year Approaching 4%

March 29, 2010  ·  Category: Interest Rates, Macro Economics, Market Commentary
One of the important stories last week was the notable rise in interest rates.  The cause was weak treasury auctions on Wednesday and Thursday when the Treasury sold $42 billion of 5 year notes and ...
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Gross: Strong Economy Could Help Dems In Midterm Elections

March 29, 2010  ·  Category: Politics
Many republicans are looking forward to November as a repeat of 1994, when popular anger against an overreaching, reformist Democratic Party enabled the GOP to pick up 56 seats in the House of Representatives.  But ...
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Brooks: Economics Is An Art, Not A Science

March 26, 2010  ·  Category: Economics
Economics achieved coherence as a science by amputating most of human nature.  Now economists are starting with those parts of emotional life that they can count and model (the activities that make them economists).  But ...
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A Day With Hedge Fund Manager Hugh Hendry

March 26, 2010  ·  Category: Macro Economics, The Investment Advice Business
Interesting video of a BBC journalist who spent a day with hedge fund manager Hugh Hendry.  Click here. (Via The Mises Institute Blog)
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Excellent Best Buy Quarter

March 26, 2010  ·  Category: Macro Economics, Market Commentary, Stocks
Best Buy (BBY) yesterday morning reported an excellent fiscal year 4th quarter ended February 27, 2010.  US same store sales increased 7.4% and overall revenue was up 12% year over year.  Net income was up ...
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Top Gun FP Client Note: The Health Care Bill

NOTE: Every week I write a Client Note for my clients.  For a limited time, I am allowing non-clients to sign up and receive the Client Note.  You can sign up at the top right ...
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Harrison: It’s A Cyclical Bull Within A Secular Bear

March 24, 2010  ·  Category: Market Commentary
It's important to understand that this cyclical bull is part of a prolonged and painful secular bear stretch. - Todd Harrison, "Ten Reasons Why This Is Not A Bull Market", Minyanville, March 24
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