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Death Cross Debates

July 31, 2010  ·  Category: Technical Analysis
A few weeks ago, Mark Hulbert started a debate over the value of Death Crosses - which I mentioned in my Client Note from two weeks ago - in a column for MarketWatch ("The Kiss Of ...
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Mega-Banks Increasing Market Share; The Economy Of Pull

The financial-overhaul bill that will be signed into law by President Barack Obama on Wednesday won't address one of the most far-reaching consequences of the recent crisis: Market power is concentrating in the hands of ...
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Top Gun FP Client Note: The Fundamentals Versus The Technicals

NOTE: Every week I write a Client Note for my clients.  For a limited time, I am allowing non-clients to sign up and receive the Client Note.  You can sign up at the top right ...
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Goldman Settles Sham Suit With SEC

July 15, 2010  ·  Category: Market Commentary, Politics, SEC, Stocks
The SEC announced a few minutes ago that they settled their suit against Goldman Sachs (GS) for $550 million.  Goldman did not admit or deny the SEC's allegations though it acknowledged that its marketing materials for the ...
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