Fox Business Channel To Launch October 15

“CNBC is a financial channel for Wall Street.  We’re for Main Street.”

Rupert Murdoch, CEO News Corp

In about 3 weeks the much anticipated Fox Business Channel will launch. 

In the wake of News Corp (the parent of Fox News Channel and Fox Business Channel) acquisition of The Wall Street Journal I have been even more eagerly looking forward to the launch.

It’s pretty clear what Fox Business Channel is trying to do: They want to be business news for the folks in contrast to CNBC which, they claim, is business news for Wall Street.


Here are some interesting developments as the channel prepares to launch:

  • A few weeks ago, Liz Claman, the popular host of CNBC’s Morning Call, abruptly resigned and was replaced by Trish Regan.  There’s speculation she will be joining the Fox Business Channel. 
  • Neil Cavuto, of Fox New’s “Your World” which airs daily at 1pm PST, is one of the key people heading up Fox Business Channel’s effort.  (Check out Jon Friedman’s excellent article at MarketWatch on Cavuto’s struggle with disease and how that’s helped shape his outlook on life and success: “You don’t have to be a phony, back stabbing worm to get ahead” – Neil Cavuto).
  • Locally, financial personality Tom Sullivan, who has had a local business radio show for years and writes a Sunday column for the Sacramento Bee, is said to have signed a deal to host a program on the channel.


Will Fox Business Channel change business news the way Fox News Channel has political news? 

It will be interesting and you can be sure I’ll be watching!



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UPDATE (Mon 10/1, 1:00pm PST): The website for the Fox Business Channel is now up.

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