“Notable Calls” Added To Top Gun Blogroll

One of the challenges all of us in the investment business, and in modern life generally, face these days is dealing with information overload

There is so much excellent information out there.  But if you try to cover it all, you’ll spend all your time reading other people’s opinions and news stories and not leave any time for you to develop your own point of view and take action. 

Each of us has to strike the right balance between gathering information and integrating it in our own minds and taking action.

Many blogs have huge blogrolls and links sections that no human being, including the author, could ever comprehensively, or even cursorily, keep up with. 

I take the opposite approach.  I look for news and analysis of the highest quality and I focus my attention there.  I also leave plenty of time and energy for my own research and trading. 

As far as all the stuff that I don’t get to or don’t even try to get to, I know that I have to make tradeoffs. 

For instance, one of the big tradeoffs I make is that I don’t generally read Investor’s Business Daily.  This is a great newspaper that is often early in picking out hot, fast growing stocks.  I love seeing what new stock they’ve profiled in their paper everyday. 

But with reading The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal Online during the day, the blogs I follow on a daily basis, watching CNBC, my trading and my own research, I just can’t seem to do them all and read Investor’s Business Daily too. 

When I try, the newspaper tends to stack up in piles causing me guilt for wasting my subscription and anxiety about missing its valuable coverage.  I do better in terms of productivity, quality and peace of mind when I don’t try to read Investor’s Business Daily – even though it’s a great paper with alot of money making ideas.

On that note, I am adding a wondeful new blog to my blogroll: Notable Calls

One the excellent sources of analysis that I’ve tended to neglect is the Wall Street analyst community

I’m simply not in the habit of reading their research or opinions on a regular basis.  When a call of theirs moves a stock I’m interested in, I’ll read the press accounts of the research but that’s about it.  But these guys are paid to cover an industry in depth and they know the companies they follow thoroughly.  They have valuable insights that are worth knowing about.

Notable calls goes someways towards addressing this issue for me.  Everyday, before the market opens generally, the author summarizes some of the day’s most interesting analyst research and provides his own take on it.  I’ve found alot of valuable analysis here and it’s become a blog that I read on a regular basis along with the other three already in my blogroll: WSJ’s MarketBeat, The Big Picture and The Kirk Report.

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