How would you like to receive FREE weekly investing suggestions from the Bay-area investment advisor whose portfolio is UP 32% during the same two-year period (2007–2008) in which the S&P 500 and Wilshire 5000 each have been DOWN 36%?

Earning a reputation by providing value

Greg Feirman is the Founder and CEO of Top Gun Financial Planning, based in Sacramento, California, where he manages portfolios for select clients.

2007–2008 performance record

As the chart below shows, during the same 2007–2008 period in which the S&P 500 and Wilshire 5000 lost 36% of their value, Top Gun’s portfolio appreciated by 32%.

Returns like this don’t happen by luck. They are the result of sound economic and investment strategies, which you can employ for yourself.

Learn how to get the same returns Top Gun is getting

Each week, Greg composes a “Client Note” e-mail that explains the strategy he is pursuing with his portfolio.

These weekly e-mails include the following information:

  • ANALYSIS. Analyses of what changes the market is experiencing, and why
  • TRENDS. Identification of what trends are in play — and what they mean for investors
  • STRATEGIES. An explanation of the strategies Greg is employing and why they’ll work

Greg composes these messages for the benefit of his paying clients, but — for now, at least — he’s willing to share the same information for free, with anyone who wants to sign up to receive these weekly Client Notes.

Here is what you will receive each week…

You’ll receive the Top Gun Weekly Client note in your inbox each Sunday. At the bottom of each message will be a link to unsubscribe whenever you wish. Your e-mail address will never be shared or sold with any third party.

If you find the information valuable, great. And if not, you can leave whenever you like. In the interim, you’ll have the opportunity to see exactly how Top Gun is getting the kind of returns you see in the chart shown above.

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