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Netflix Has Had Its Run – Up 53.6% In 4 Months Since Top Gun Recommended the Shares

November 28, 2006  ·  Category: Stocks
It's been about 4 months since Top Gun recommended Netflix shares on Tuesday July 25 when they closed at $18.78.  They closed today at $28.84 - up 53.6% - and I think it's time to ...
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Do You Love It Or Do You Love It????? – The Dow and S&P Rally Off Early Lows to Bounce 15 and 5

November 28, 2006  ·  Category: Options, Sentiment Analysis
After yesterday's huge sell-off I wrote: What say I?  DON’T PANIC.  Jim Cramer always likes to say: “Nobody ever made a dime by panicking”.  In fact, this is the time to have trust in your reasoned ...
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The Market Gets Hammered – The Dow Down 158 points and the S&P 500 19 Points on Monday

November 27, 2006  ·  Category: Market Commentary, Options, Sentiment Analysis
Great!  Right after I tell everybody to go long the S&P 500 by buying call options the market has it's worst day in 6 months.  The Jan07 SPY 137 calls that I recommended lost a ...
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A Trade the Stars Are Lining Up For – Go Long the S&P 500 for the Rest of the Year

November 23, 2006  ·  Category: Options, Sentiment Analysis
The Wall Street Journal ran a great article on Monday titled "How Skepticism Can Fuel a Rise: A Rally Too Good to Believe Also Has Cash Waiting to Enter; Acute Optimism Is What to Fear" ...
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Two Monster Deals on Wall Street Today – Pick Up The New World #1 Copper Producer

November 20, 2006  ·  Category: Commodities, Stocks
When I opened up The Wall Street Journal first thing this morning I could hardly believe my eyes.  The front page announced two monster deals: Private equity firm Blackstone's acquisition of Equity Office Properties (NYSE: EOP) ...
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One of the Greats Has Fallen – R.I.P. Milton Friedman

November 16, 2006  ·  Category: Business Culture and Current Events
Milton Friedman, the great popularizer of free markets and "Monetarism", emphasizing the importance of monetary policy in contrast to Keynes emphasis on fiscal policy, is dead at 94.  Friedman was one of the important intellectual voices ...
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Suze Orman: Say ‘No’ to Financial Advisors Who Work on Commission and Sell You B-Class Mutual Funds

November 6, 2006  ·  Category: The Investment Advice Business
In an article posted today on Yahoo! Suze Orman writes: A financial advisor who makes all of his or her money on commission for the investments you buy and sell obviously has an interest in getting ...
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The Problem with Stock Options Accounting

November 6, 2006  ·  Category: Accounting
As I wrote a few weeks ago, in my review of Yahoo!'s 3rd quarter, changes in stock options accounting made Yahoo!'s quarter seem worse than it was.  In an aside in that post, I also ...
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Your Vote Counts More Than You Might Think

November 5, 2006  ·  Category: Election - 2006
One often hears that there is no point in voting because millions and millions of people vote so that no one vote makes much of a difference.  But, looked at another way, your vote counts more ...
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Petruno Says That The “Rebuild California” Bonds Won’t Hurt Existing State of CA Debt

November 5, 2006  ·  Category: Bonds, Election - 2006
A couple weeks ago, regarding the so called "Rebuild California" propositions and their effect on outstanding state of California debt I wrote: If you are an owner of State of CA municipal bonds, as many people ...
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