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Are We In a Recession Right Now? – Real (Or Not So Real) GDP Grew at 1.3% in 1st Quarter

April 30, 2007  ·  Category: Inflation, Macro Economics
I did want to follow up on my post about preliminary 1st quarter 2007 Real GDP which the Commerce Department reported as 1.3% before the open last Friday.  To answer my question, "Does The Economy ...
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“Sell In May And Go Away” ??? – Stocks Drop 90 Points In The Last 2 Hours of Trading

April 30, 2007  ·  Category: Market Commentary
After rallying as much as 40 points earlier in the day, the Dow went into free fall in the last 2 hours of trading today losing about 90 points in that time.  My sense is ...
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Are You Missing The Housing Bust, Mr. Lereah???? – National Association of Realtors Chief Marketer (errr…. Economist!) Quits

April 30, 2007  ·  Category: Real Estate
I believe that in years to come historians will see the beginning of the twenty first century as the 'golden age' of real estate.  And I want to persuade you to take advantage of this ...
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Does The Economy Matter? Response to Today’s (Fri) GDP Number Will Be Instructive

April 27, 2007  ·  Category: Macro Economics, Market Commentary
At 8:30am EST, or about 5 hours from now, the Commerce Department will make its first stab at reporting 1st quarter Real GDP.  Economists are estimating a measly 1.8% growth.  In his "Ahead of The ...
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Bank of Japan Holds Target Interest Rate Steady

April 27, 2007  ·  Category: Foreign Exchange, Japan
At 2:07pm in Japan, 10:07pm out here in California, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) held its interest rate target steady at .5%.  This is good news for stocks as it doesn't put any pressure on ...
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Did Steve Jobs and His Executive Team Steal $40 Million From Apple Shareholders in 2001? ; Truth vs. Power: Even If He Did, He’ll Be Untouched

April 26, 2007  ·  Category: Business Culture and Current Events, Options
Ever since reading Steve Jobs phenomenal graduation speech at Stanford University in 2005 I've been a fan and a believer that he was a business leader with a solid moral center.  But a startling front ...
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The “Sell China” Chart – China Selloff III: Coming to a Stock Exchange Near You Soon

April 24, 2007  ·  Category: China, Market Commentary
If this chart doesn't scream "Sell China" I don't know what does.  That chart looks to me like it's about to curl around and head back in time while going up at the same time.  ...
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Gold Approaches $700

April 20, 2007  ·  Category: Gold, Inflation
Gold closed at $695.80 today according to Bloomberg.  Peter Grandich, editor of the Grandich Letter, wrote (subscription required): A near perfect storm has aligned both technically and fundamentally for gold.  A test of the 2006 highs around ...
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As Market Climbs, So Does Short Interest

April 20, 2007  ·  Category: Sentiment Analysis
Short interest on the NYSE rose 4.6% (subscription required) for the monthly period ending last Friday April 13.  That's on top of a 9.5% rise for the previous monthly period ending Thursday March 15.  That's ...
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Google Powers The Market to New Highs – Dow 13,000 and S&P 1500 Seem Destined

April 20, 2007  ·  Category: Market Commentary
On the back of Google's superb earnings report after the close yesterday, the market has taken off.  The Dow has powered through 12900 for the first time in its history, up 124 points with an ...
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