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Why Homeowners Can’t Cut Their Losses

"Even a small loss evokes a sense of frustration.  There's something magical about 'at least breaking even'." - David Laibson, Behaviorial Economist, quoted in "Be It Ever So Illogical: Homeowners Who Won't Cut the Price" , The New ...
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Notes & Tidbits On A Slow Friday

March 28, 2008  ·  Category: Market Commentary, Stocks
The big story of the day is JC Penney's (JCP) announcement that first quarter earnings will be much less than they previously forecast: 50 cents vs. previous forecast of 75 to 80 cents (JCP Press ...
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Capitalism In Good Times, Socialism In Bad

March 26, 2008  ·  Category: Macro Economics, Politics
Remember Friday March 14 2008: it was the day the dream of global free- market capitalism died. For three decades we have moved towards market-driven financial systems. By its decision to rescue Bear Stearns, the ...
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The 2000s: Looking Like Another “Lost Decade” For Stocks

March 26, 2008  ·  Category: Market Commentary
Conventional stock-market wisdom holds that if investors buy a broad range of stocks and hold them, they will do better than they would in other investments.  But that rule hasn't held up for stocks bought ...
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Newsletters Bearish On Gold

March 26, 2008  ·  Category: Gold, Sentiment Analysis
In a piece today, "Golden Correction", Mark Hulbert writes that sentiment among the gold newsletters that he follows is very bearish.  The recommended exposure as of the end of yesterday was 11.5% - down 54% ...
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Clear Channel Buyout On Verge Of Collapse

March 26, 2008  ·  Category: Market Commentary, Private Equity, Stocks
The big story today is the potential collapse of the LBO of Clear Channel Communications (CCU), the nation's largest radio station owner ("Major Buyout Deal Is Close To Collapse" (subscription required), The Wall Street Journal, ...
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Bob Doll Hears A Bell Ringing At The Bottom

March 25, 2008  ·  Category: Sentiment Analysis
Another bottom caller: Bob Doll, Chief Investment Officer at Blackrock, called a bottom this morning on CNBC's Squawk Box (9 minute video clip).
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Irwin Kellner: Money Supply Growth “Jaw Dropping”

March 25, 2008  ·  Category: Federal Reserve, Gold, Inflation
The money supply's rate of growth is nothing short of jaw dropping. - Irwin Kellner, "Follow the money", Marketwatch, Tuesday March 25 According to economist Irwin Kellner in an article on Marketwatch today, M2 money supply grew ...
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How To Invest In The Coming Bear Market Talk Files

March 24, 2008  ·  Category: Top Gun Financial Planning
For anyone who is interested here are the files for my talk "How To Invest In The Coming Bear Market": Part I, Part II.
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Sentiment Shift: Many Call A Bottom

In investing, opportunities arise when perception and reality diverge.  Hence, it is important to understand not only reality but perception as well.  This is a difficult concept to understand but, in my opinion, is the key ...
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