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Nothing Doing Wednesday, December’s Strong Seasonality Likely Pulled Forward, The Point of Maximum Optimism III

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Top Gun FP Client Note: Get Ready For A Nasty Correction

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Goldman Bullish On Stocks In 2011, Targets S&P 1450

December 12, 2010  ·  Category: CNBC, Market Commentary, Sentiment Analysis
Two Thursdays ago, Goldman Sachs came out with their 2011 US Equity Forecast titled "Easy Money, Hard Market".  But they aren't forecasting too hard of a market given that they are targetting 1450 on the ...
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CNBC Survey: Market Expecting QE2 In November

October 11, 2010  ·  Category: CNBC, Federal Reserve, Market Commentary, Sentiment Analysis
Great survey by CNBC's Steve Leisman reported this morning on market expectations for QE2.  Here are some of the interesting results: 93% (65 of 70) expect additional QE. 83% (54 of 65) expect an incremental approach, such ...
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Fast Money Preview: Google Earnings After The Close

April 15, 2010  ·  Category: CNBC, Market Commentary, Stocks
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“Dollar Crisis” Author Richard Duncan On Europe’s Closing Bell

February 23, 2010  ·  Category: CNBC, Macro Economics
Richard Duncan's The Dollar Crisis: Causes, Consequences, Cures (1st Edition: 2003, 2nd Edition: 2005) is one of the best books of applied macroeconomics I've read and it is what really stimulated my thinking when I ...
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CNBC Vs. The Bloggers

July 24, 2009  ·  Category: Blogs, CNBC, Humor
(Via ZeroHedge) The other day CNBC's Charlie Gasparino went after the "moronic bloggers" and Michelle Cabruso Cabrera commented that that was a redundancy.  Gasparino referred to the ZeroHedge blog repeatedly as ZeroIntelligence (scroll to about 2:35 ...
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CNBC Genius Insana Says Go All In On Banks And Homebuilders

July 13, 2009  ·  Category: CNBC, The Investment Advice Business
You have to own the banks. I don't think the world is ending.... It's 5 billion years away when the sun flames out. - Ron Insana on CNBC's Mad Money, Friday July 10 Back in March 2006, longtime ...
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