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Dennis Kneale Is The Biggest Idiot On CNBC

July 6, 2009  ·  Category: Blogs, CNBC, Humor
Hope is the magical elixir of any rebound. - Dennis Kneale, CNBC Reports, July 1 There are a lot of idiots on CNBC (Leisman, Insana, Ratigan (formerly), Kudlow) but I think Dennis Kneale is the biggest one.  ...
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The Mouth Is Out At CNBC

March 30, 2009  ·  Category: CNBC
Some good news: Dylan Ratigan, the loud mouth host of CNBC's "Fast Money" and co-host of "The Closing Bell", is apparently out at CNBC.  According to The New York Times, Ratigan quit abruptly on Friday ...
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