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America on the Brink

George Floyd died at a moment of extreme dysfunction in American political life. Relations are so poisonous and so polarized between the parties that we are not seeing the kind of bipartisan meetings on Capitol ...
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Revisiting The 2007 Topping Process

April 27, 2020  ·  Category: Big 5, Coronavirus, History, Technical Analysis
"Tops are a process; bottoms are an event." —Source unknown I started Top Gun in 2006 to capitalize on my conviction that the bursting housing bubble would cause a nasty recession. 2006 was spent creating my ...
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Understanding The Consensus View And Why It’s Wrong

The consensus view is that this crisis is all about the coronavirus. Once the coronavirus is contained, markets will bottom, if they haven't already, and we'll rally into year end, eventually making new highs as ...
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Rethinking My S&P Price Target Under Civilizational Breakdown

The more I think about, the more inclined I am to think that we are heading for Civilization Breakdown, due to the collapse of the dollar as a medium of exchange, like Germany in the ...
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The Possibility of Civilizational Breakdown

Sent to Client Note List members Wednesday 3/18/20 at 8:35pm PST: 14 months ago (Jan 2019) in my Client Note "The Everything Bubble And The Second Great Depression" (, I laid out my case for what ...
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