Chorus Growing For Second Stimulus

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But they should also be prepared to add to the stimulus now that it’s clear that the first round wasn’t big enough.


He needs to remind the country that he’s trying to steer the country through a severe economic storm, and that some course adjustments — including, quite possibly, another round of stimulus — may be necessary.

– Paul Krugman, “The Stimulus Trap”, The New York Times, July 10

Our first stimulus bill was sort of like taking half a tablet of viagra.

Warren Buffett, on Good Morning America, July 9

On Monday, The Wall Street Journal ran a front page piece on a second stimulus: “Calls Grow To Increase Stimulus Spending” (subscription required), The Wall Street Journal, July 6.  That was the first I’d heard of that.  As the week has passed, I’ve heard more and more discussion of this topic, including Buffett’s endorsement of a second stimulus yesterday and Krugman’s today.

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