Feature Articles On Two Contemporary Investment Stars


Bill Miller: The New York Times today did a feature article on Legg Mason’s Bill Miller, who beat the S&P 500 for 15 straight years from 1991-2005 before faltering the last few years: “Humbler, After A Streak of Magic”.

On Bill Miller, also see my “Legendary Investor Bill Miller Calls A Bottom”, Top Gun FP, April 24, 2008.

John Burbank:

When you’ve done research and you have the right perspective, and you have a belief that there is something big changing that the markets don’t understand — or at least they don’t understand the magnitude of the change — it tests your level of belief relative to the market.  That’s a business challenge. It’s anxiety-producing, and it makes investors not understand what you might understand. But that is the way you make money.

John Burbank, Founder and President, Passport Capital

One of the best performing hedge funds last year was John Burbank’s San Francisco, CA based Passport Global Fund.  John Burbank is a great investor and I loved reading two recent feature articles about him.  For example, I was amazed to learn that Burbank launched Passport, which currently manages about $3.5 billion, with only $800,000 in friends and family money in August 2000: “Burbank At The Bat”, Trader Monthly, April/May issue; “Passport To Profits”, Forbes Magazine, May 5, 2008.

On the subject of great contemporary investors, also check out my previous posts on John Paulson (“Trader Of The Year: John Paulson Made Billions Shorting Subprime Mortages”, Top Gun FP, April 8, 2008) and James Melcher (“Another Great Investor You Need To Know: Balestra Capital’s James Melcher”, Top Gun FP, April 14, 2008).

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