Quotes And Links On A Slow Monday

  • Why is the stock market up so much today?  News doesn’t really seem to be driving it.  Volume is especially weak with only about 710,000 shares trading on the NYSE leading into the final hour.  A small amount of buying activity in such weak volume can lead to overly large moves in stocks.
  • “And, isn’t it amazing how fear has morphed into greed in a mere seven weeks, for now the cry on the “Street of Dreams” is about the new bull market that has emerged!” – Jeff Saut, “Throw Deep”, May 12, weekly investment commentary [via Kirk]
  • Will the river be a scare card for the bulls?  Doug Kass thinks so: “Bulls Could Drown On The River Card”, TheStreet.com, May 12 [via Kirk]
  • “All roads lead to inflation” – Bill Fleckenstein, “Why all roads lead to inflation”, Money Central, May 12 [via Kirk]
  • “But he [Balmer] decided not to do [$37]?  How do you not do that deal?  He’s got to come back.  Microsoft needs Yahoo a lot more than Yahoo needs Microsoft” – Legg Mason Portfolio Manager Robert Hagstrom (subscription required), whose largest fund holding is Yahoo! [TG: What a whiner!  Puhhhh-llllease!!!!!]
  • “Credit Default Swaps: Weapons of Mass Speculation” (subscription required – e-mail me for a copy), Barron’s, May 10 – feature article on Credit Default Swaps (on this subject, also see “What is a credit default swap?” and “CDS: What Everyone Will Be Talking About in 2008”, Top Gun FP, Dec 31, 2007)
  • Sac Bee Front Page article on CA District 4 Republican candidate Tom McClintock

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