Google Powers The Market to New Highs – Dow 13,000 and S&P 1500 Seem Destined

On the back of Google’s superb earnings report after the close yesterday, the market has taken off.  The Dow has powered through 12900 for the first time in its history, up 124 points with an hour and a half left in the trading day.  The S&P is up 11 to 1481 and the Nasdaq 19 to 2524.  In the absence of any large negative news, we could see Dow 13,000 and S&P 1500 next week!!!!

UPDATE (Fri 4/20, 1:45pm PST): The markets had a strong last hour.  Things finished up this way:

Dow: 12962, +153

S&P: 1484, +14

Nasdaq: 2526, +21

VIX: 12.07, -.47

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