Individual Investors Have No Clue What To Make Of This Market


I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared.  Why are we up, especially with unemployment as high as it is?  I don’t feel great because I worry that we could have a 500 or 600 point drop in a day and I won’t be quick enough to pull out of it in time.

Dania Leona, a 41 year old Pasadena, CA resident who suffered deep losses in 2008 whose portfolio has surged 55% in the last 6 months

Every single day I get ready to click the sell button and pull my chips off the table.  It’s confusing, and I’m afraid of what to do and afraid we could be in a bubble.  The market’s looking floppy, and the reasons for growth don’t make sense.

Keith Murphy, a Foothill Ranch mortgage advisor who rode the market down last year and earlier this year but is thinking now it might be time to sell

This market continues to baffle everybody.

Ryan Larson, a trader at Voyageur Asset Management in Chicago

Quotes from “Investors Are Thrilled Yet Anxious About Stock Market Rally”, The Los Angeles Times, September 17

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