Is She Hot?

In an article today on Latina Republican assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia the Sacramento Bee wrote:

At one point in the recording [of a Schwarzenegger meeting with his inner circle], the governor and an aide debate whether Garcia is of Cuban or Puerto Rican heritage.  She is Puerto Rican, but the governor interjects that it doesn’t matter.

‘I mean, they are very hot,’ the governor says.  ‘They have the, you know, part of the black blood in them and part of the Latin blood in them that together makes it.’

On Oct. 10, while speaking to a class at La Quinta High School, a student asked Garcia what Schwarzenegger was like.

In the course of describing Schwarzenegger as funny, Garcia said he was also ‘built’ and joked: ‘I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed.’

Also interesting:

Democrats thought they had secured her district, which covers eastern Riverside County and all of Imperial County, when they negotiated an 8-point advantage among registered voters in the 2001 redistricting process.

But she said they were not prepared for a Latina Republican, who has reached across party and ethnic lines to defeat two Democrats, a Latino and an American Indian.

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