Cramer on the Election and Comcast


On his radio show Real Money this morning (Thursday October 26) Jim Cramer, of CNBC’s popular Mad Money, had some interesting things to say about the upcoming election and Top Gun recommendation Comcast. 

On the upcoming election:

Election day is less than two weeks away, but the market is already reacting right now to the possibility of a big Democratic win.

Lockheed Martin is getting killed today and big pharma is down as well.

People should be thinking about whether they have the ability to weather the pain on the possibility of a Democratic takeover.  You might need to take some off the table and then buy it back later.

Be aware of anything big – big pharma, big HMO, big defense, big oil.  These are all targets.

On Comcast:

It is not too late to get into Comcast.  There’s too much growth ahead, too much profitability and too much belief.  The future is so bright.

The triple play, technology and service are all driving the stock, and the growth of Adelphia is ahead of them.

In this article, posted yesterday, Cramer endorses Comcast as well as AT&T (NYSE: T). 

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