It’s All Good Baby!!! Rock N’Roll!!!!! All Praise Global Capitalism and The Unstoppable Global Boom!!!!


“It’s amazing, the difference in six weeks.”

Alan Lancz, Director, Lancz Global 

Well it finally happened: The S&P took out it’s all time closing high closing today at 1558.  The Dow is like 20 points below its record close from Monday.

Financials are going nuts, consumer discretionary companies are jumping, tech is insane and even homebuilders have pop.   

It’s all easy money right now.

I think I’ll do something a little more responsible with my money right now: poker!

UPDATE (Sat 10/6, 8:30am PST): David Gaffen of The WSJs MarketBeat echoes my sentiments about yesterday’s market, albeit with more insight: “Four at Four: Made It, Ma!  Top Of The World!”

Also check out The Capital Spectator’s post on the jobs report: “Never Mind”.

UPDATE (Mon 10/8, 9:15am PST): Also see the Capital Spectator’s post this morning “The Horse Race So Far….”.

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