Mark Hart, The 37 Year Old Texas Hedge Fund Manager Who Bet Against Europe’s Debt And Won

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Bloomberg (“Corriente Said to Pay Backers After Europe Debt Bets”, Bloomberg, February 23) and The Wall Street Journal (“How A Texan Bagged Europe”, Gregory Zuckerman, The Wall Street Journal, February 24, C1) reported, and the internet is abuzz with talk, about Mark Hart III, the 37 year old Fort Worth, Texas hedge fund manager who bet against Europe’s sovereign debt and won.

According to the articles Hart III is trying to keep a low profile for fear of political fallout from his trades.  But an internet search I performed turned up some revealing information.  Hart sponsored two Mises Circle events in 2009:

The Great Depression: Then And Now, Fort Worth, Texas, May 30, 2009

Recovery or Stagnation? San Francisco, CA, August 29, 2009

How come most of the people who forecast and profited from what we just went through have studied Austrian Economics?  Makes you wonder if there isn’t something to it 😉

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