Ritholtz Blasts Ben Stein

This morning in a post titled “Farewell To Ben Stein”, Barry Ritholtz of The Big Picture torches Ben Stein for his ideological and biased approach to the economy of late.  Here’s the beginning:

Its time to bid a not-so-fond adieu to the New York Times columns of Ben Stein.

No, he is not leaving the paper. Rather, we’ve reached the point where Stein’s commentary has become detached from reality, so ridiculously fabricated, that it can no longer be read. Indeed, its become so absurd that not only have I decided to skip reading him, I am immediately making the public commitment to stop commenting on his Tom Foolery.

Quite a bit of electrons and pixels have been spilled needlessly over the past few days in response to his most recent exercise in inane rhetoric, illogic, and fallacious reasoning. (No, I am not referring to this WSJ article). Across the blogosphere, smart insightful people have wasted far too much time and effort dispelling the absurdities that take residence in Stein’s columns.

Its time to put a stop to this.

I love it!!! 

It’s good to see that other smart people see the same thing in Stein’s recent columns that I have.  For example, see my “Revisiting Ben Stein’s Vicious NY Times Article”.

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