The 17 Year Old Detroit Girl Who Created a Million Dollar Website

I just read a truly incredible story from Fast Company magazine about a 17 year old girl from Detroit who, without any help from her parents or connections, created a million dollar (and growing) website.

The site is called and it provides customized designs for MySpace pages.  Apparently it’s been a huge hit with girls concerned with the appearance of their MySpace pages. 

“It’s all about giving girls what they want,” says 17 year old owner Ashley Qualls.  In fact, attracts more than 7 million viewers a month – more than and!

The designs are provided free and the business makes money exclusively by sharing revenue from ads posted on the site via Google AdSense.


The story is truly amazing because Ashley comes from a working class background.  Her Dad is a machinist and her Mom was a data collector for ACNielsen.

Even more, her parents are divorced and Ashley has had to move back and forth between her parents’ homes while building Whateverlife.

She dropped out of high school and last September bought herself a house to run the business out of.

What a great story!  Congratulations to Ashley!

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