All Eyes On Google


Google (GOOG) will be reporting 3rd quarter earnings after the close today and all eyes will be on them. 

Along with Goldman Sachs (GS), Google is probably the most important stock in the stock market.  It’s not only a huge stock in terms of its market cap but it is the bellwether for tech.

The quarter Google (GOOG) reports will likely determine how the market trades tomorrow.

Check out these excellent previews of Google earnings:

“Get Ready For Google (GOOG)”, BeSpoke Investment Group – The guys at BeSpoke have an interesting post about how Google’s stock has reacted to all 12 of its quarterly earnings reports since becoming a public company. 

Interestingly, when the stock gaps up the following day it tends to fade into the close and when it gaps down it tends to gain strength into the close.

“Google Gets Hot Again”, Vishesh Kumar, – Vishesh, a friend of mine, knows a lot about Google. 

He writes that Google made changes to the way it ranks ads and also the rates it charges advertisers during the quarter which are hoped to incrementally improve revenues.

There will also be interest from investors on Google’s proposed takeover of DoubleClick, which is being opposed by Microsoft on antitrust grounds, and Google’s plans with regard to display (as opposed to search) advertising, video advertising and the much anticipated Google phone.

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