Intel, Microsoft, Dell At Levels Not Seen Since The Late ’90s


This is unbelievable:

  • Intel (INTC) is trading below $13 a share.  That’s right around where it bottomed in October 2002 after the tech bust.  Prior to that, it hasn’t traded at these levels since 1996 – shortly after its IPO.
  • Dell (DELL) is trading below $9 a share – levels it hasn’t seen since late 1997.
  • Microsoft (MSFT) is below $20 for the first time since early 1998.  It bottomed out around $20 after the tech bust in July 2002.

I never thought I’d see these prices for these stocks in my lifetime. 

This is truly one of those rare opportunities to pick up the greatest companies in the world at bargain basement prices.  If you’re willing to be patient and hold until the value of these companies is more rationally reflected in their stock prices, you will make money buying today.

Disclosure: Top Gun is long shares of Dell (DELL) and has no position in Intel (INTC) or Microsoft (MSFT) shares.

UPDATE (Thu 11/13, 11:00am PST): It’s also worth noting that yesterday leading stocks Citigroup (C) and Google (GOOG) broke through major support at $10 and $300, respectively.  That blew my mind too.

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