Ken Heebner Is The Best Mutual Fund Manager In The World Right Now


How do you explain genius? Ken just sees things other don’t.

Douglass Pratt, a former mutual fund manager who worked with Heebner

He saw something the rest of us didn’t.  That’s Ken – that’s always been Ken.

John Henry, a classmate of Heebner’s at Amherst and Harvard Business School, on Heebner’s hoarding of silver dollars at Harvard Business School

Is it snowing? – Ken Heebner, covered in snow from his half mile morning walk to the office, in response to a question from somebody about the weather

I haven’t gotten around to getting it fixed – Ken Heebner on the stylish clock that hangs on his wall – and doesn’t work

Ken is an incredible fundamental analyst.  He’s very thematic…. – Peter Lynch, legendary manager of the Fidelity Magellan fund and a longtime friend and peer of Heebner

I knew it was a train wreck.  The problem I had is that when you go from 50 times earnings to 100 times to 150 times, how do you know when the idiots are going to stop bidding these things up? That’s the thing about bubbles – how do you know when they’re going to end?

Heebner on the tech bubble

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