Tuesday Reading: Is Oil A Bubble?


“Is $130 oil a bubble?”, CNN, Friday May 23

“The Short View: Commodity Speculation”, John Authers, Financial Times, Tuesday May 20

“Whither The Price of Oil?”, John Mauldin, Frontline Thoughts, Friday May 23

“High Oil Prices Spur Thoughts About Bubbles, But This Might Be Misguided” (subscription required), Justin Lahart, The Wall Street Journal, Tuesday May 27

Michael Masters Congressional Testimony, Tuesday May 20

“Commodities: Who’s Behind The Boom?” (subscription required), Gene Epstein, Barron’s, March 31

“Oil Goes Vertical”, MarketBeat, Thursday May 22

“Oil Bubble? The Debate Rages”, Real Time Economics, Tuesday May 27

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