Meg Whitman’s Sparse Voting Record


It’s a dereliction of our first duty as American citizens.  We’re talking about someone who has practically not voted her entire adulthood.  It’s embarrassing.

– Mark Petracca, Political Science Professor, UC Irvine

A real problem for Meg Whitman’s campaign for Governor of California: She didn’t vote much for most of her adult life. 

In fact, she didn’t even vote in the 2003 Special Election that elected Schwarzenegger or the 2005 Special Election he called.

It seems like she really just started getting into politics when she worked on Mitt Romney’s campaign for President in 2007.  She voted in the 2008 presidential election and three other elections in 2008, plus this year’s CA Special Election in May.

By contrast, her Republican primary opponents both have strong, long term voting records.  Steve Poizner has been registered and voting in Santa Clara County for more than three decades, including every election since 1992.  Tom Campbell voted in Chicago, Ill., where he went to college and graduate school, as far back as 1972 and voted extensively since then.

Source: “Meg Whitman’s Voting Record Short, Sparse”, The Sacramento Bee, September 24, A1

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