The Incredible Life And Character Of Dave Bing

December 20, 2009 at 4:52 pm  ·  Category: Culture and Current Events, Government, Politics, Sports

I finished basketball in 1978, then went into my own business in 1980 and did it for 29 years… Now I get to the end of that career and probably should have retired.  But there was a calling greater than anything that I ever envisioned, and that was to help bring this city back.

Dave Bing, Mayor of Detroit, Successful Businessman, one of the NBA’s 50 Greatest Players Of All Time

The Wall Street Journal’s Weekend Interview was with Dave Bing this weekend.  The 66-year old former NBA Rookie of the Year, 7-time All Star, and 1984 National Minority Small Business Person of the Year won an election in May to become Detroit’s Mayor.  He has a huge task ahead of him but if anybody can turn Detroit around, it would be the great Dave Bing, a 42 year resident of the city who employs more than 500 in his business operations there.  I am truly inspired by the life and character of the great Dave Bing as I took a couple hours just now to learn more about him and watch some interviews with him.

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