Recession = Smaller Boobs?

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“… during the last month of the quarter, we did start to see the beginning of some softening in demand and the channel research that we did and the studies that we conducted say that some plastic surgeons were starting to see some drop off in patient consultations which …. is usually a little bit of a precursor to lighter surgical calendars maybe 45 or 60 days out.”

– Josh Levine, CEO of Mentor Corp, a maker of breast implants with about $300 million in sales over the last 4 quarters, in a conference call with analysts, November 7

Does a recession mean smaller boobs?  That is the question posed by a front page Wall Street Journal article (subscription required) this morning – at least the most important question.

What more does Bernanke need to cut rates?  Cut the rates!!!!!  You can’t allow this to happen!!!  You know nothing!!!  Nothing about what’s going on on the ground!!!  I’ve been in this game for 30 years!!!  You don’t know how bad it is out here!!!!

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