The Question For 2008: Is The Bull Dead?


“As the 2007 stock market roller coaster screeches to a close, one question above all has preoccupied investors: Will the bull market end in 2008?”

“The Bull: What’s To Be Its Fate In ’08?” (subscription required), “The Trader” Column, Barron’s, Saturday December 29

As 2007 comes to a close, I think the word that best characterizes the year is “volatile”.  The powerful rallies and selloffs, frequently one after the other, made for quite an exciting, and gut wrenching, year (S&P 2007 Chart).

Here is the performance of the major averages for 2007:

S&P: +3.53%

Wilshire 5000: +4.25%

Dow: +6.43%

Nasdaq: +9.81%

I still have to wait for Scottrade to deduct interest on our margin balances and pay us interest on our cash balances for December but it looks like Top Gun returned about 15% in 2007.  I’ll have the final results posted in the next week or so.


I want to thank everybody who made 2007 a great year for the Top Gun blog.

I want to thank Joshua Zader for his wonderful design of my website.

I want to thank MarketBeat’s David Gaffen for picking up a post of mine back in March and putting us on the map.

I want to thank Charles Kirk of The Kirk Report for some early links and for adding me to his “Blogs I Read”.

Top Gun has also just linked up with SeekingAlpha which should expose us to more potential readers as well.


I hope our readers found our analysis useful and will join us next year as we continue to try and answer the question of the moment: Will the bull market end in 2008?

See you on Wednesday!  Happy New Year everybody!

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