We Built This City On CDOs


Doh!  The song says to build the city on rock and roll – not CDOs!

Imagine: a simple little screw up like that in your business plan and BOOM: $18 billion in writedowns.

On top of that, the consumer lending business is now struggling resulting in a $4 billion increase in charge offs and loan loss reserves.  That caused a 71% decrease in net income in Citi’s core Global Consumer segment – on top of the massive mortgage backed securities writedown (C 4Q Earnings Release).

Fortunately, Singapore, Kuwait and Saudi Prince Alwaleed have agreed to invest more in Citigroup as part of a $12.5 billion capital infusion.  Citi will also issue some preferred securities and cut its quarterly dividend from 54 cents to 32 cents (C Press Release).

But hey: what a great song!

Disclosure: Top Gun has no position in Citigroup (C) shares.

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