Tiffany’s And The Case Of The Missing Same Store Sales

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Period                    Tiffany US Same Store Sales

1Q FY 2009                        -34%

4Q FY 2008                        -33%

3Q FY 2008                        -14%

2Q FY 2008                         -4%

1Q FY 2008                           0%

4Q FY 2007                          -1%

3Q FY 2007                         +8%

2Q FY 2007                         +17%


I admit it.  I’m losing my touch.  The stock market is way ahead of me.  Because I’m looking at Tiffany’s numbers – they just reported their first quarter ended April 30, 2009 on Friday – and I just don’t see any signs of recovery.  Obviously the stock market is.  I am getting old 😉

Good luck with that new store you’re opening in August at The Roseville Galleria.

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