You Know I Don’t Play Bad Baby!

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Well, well, well, whatdyaknow: Google beat analyst expectations (GOOG Earnings Release) and the stock, weighed down by fear and pessimism, is borne again. 

Google lovers must be feeling like they’ve been touched by the holy ghost because they are buying Google in the after hours like it’s 2006.  The stock is up $80, almost 18%, to $530 a share.  GOOG hasn’t seen a 5 handle in 2 months.

This can only mean good things for the stock market tomorrow.  We could be looking at a test of 1400 on the S&P real soon.

As for my little straddle trade, did anybody take me up on that?  That’s $5K in profit per straddle.  You know I don’t play bad baby!

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